3 incredible spiritual baths rituals to do at home during the quarantine

How to turn your bath into a sacred ritual 
Quarantines times can involve stress and anxiety. And to fight this stress, our partner BellSire Seville gives you 3 ideas of spiritual baths to find peace in these hard days of confinement. Spiritual cleansing baths are used to reject the negative, open the paths, eliminate negative situations, attract positivity and above all … relax!
The time has come to make your daily bath a sacred ritual, a spiritual moment where you can find yourself and unwind your mind. With water at different temperatures we can obtain therapeutic results and rapidly feel calm and decontraction .If you add  some essential oils and plants you will increase the effect, making your bath a true moment of peace and relaxation.
1. Baths for Muscle Aches and Soreness

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  • Fill your bathtub with water at a temperature between 29 and 38 degrees (between 84,2 °F and 100,4 °F)
  • Add rosemary, chamomiles, lavender, it can be in essential oils, in infusion bags or plants directly taken from your garden. Between 10 and 20 drops of essential oil will be enough.
  • To obtain an homogeneous mix of essential oils in the water, you will need to add a little honey, a glass of wine, oat milk, rice, or salt from the dead sea.
  • If you have a body and facial scrub, that is even better! You can have greater cleaning results, activation and purification of your skin

2. Rejuvenating bath

  • Fill your bathtub with water at a temperature betwen 30 and 38 degrees (between 86 °F and 100,4 °F)
  • Add sandalwood, myrrh, orange, rose or lemon. Between 10 and 20 drops of essential oil. If you want better results do not forget to add a glass of wine. The polyphenols found in the wine are rejuvenator and antioxidant. You can serve you another glass of wine to taste, there is no greater pleasure!
  • You can add to your water products that you probably have at home: lemon or orange rind, cinnamon sticks, grapefruit, oregano, fresh rosemary or dried roses.
  • A good exfoliation will help you get a perfect purification on your skin.
  • Remember to gently dry your skin and nourish it after your bath

3. Baño circulatorio

  • Fill your bathtub with water between 29 and 38 degrees (between 84,2 °F and 100,4 °F)
  • Add essential oils like chamomile, lavender, juniper, lemon, or cypress. And do not forget to add a conductor such as neutral gel, sea salt dead or a little honey…
  • Before the end of your bath, do a good exfoliation on your legs, feet or buttocks, it will help oxygenate the blood and improve
    your circulation.
  • After your bath, apply on your body an oil for blood circulation

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