The seven golden rules to surprising your spouse with a five star hotel


Romantic trip Hotel Villapanés Palace Seville

Romantic trip Hotel Villapanés Palace Seville

In order to completely enjoy a five star hotel and at the same time leave an everlasting impression on your companion’s heart, you must propose a trip to a marvelous city and make sure that not only will the chosen hotel surprise him or her permanently… it should be more than that: it should fulfil the ´pleasures and naughtiness´ of the Seven Deadly Sins. Have we gone mad? Nope, keep reading…

  1. Pride: The city and hotel that you choose must be impressive. Sevilla is a precious city, monumental, unique in this world, and its best luxurious hotel, the Villanapés Palace, a unique architectural gem unlike any other… We boast about all of this, we presume and we feel proud like sevillanos we are that take part as the staff of this grand five star hotel. If you came and tried it out you would understand how our pride is justified… And you could feel proud of being here.


  1. Greed: You want it all? Yes, ask for anything and everything, the best and most luxuriously equipped suite, big, luxurious, with exclusive and fine details, have a bath in the pool on the hotel´s terrace while you contemplate incredible views, go down to the wellness spa for a massage, stay in for the flamenco night shows to listen to good music and be delighted by the passionate dance, ask in the front desk for your personal wishes…


  1. Gluttony: We have one of the best restaurants in the city, with a top-class chef, a complete wine cellar with a diverse menu, original fusion of traditional plates with a touch of creativity… But you should enjoy the food your way, at your own pace, so any given day reserve any of the romantic corners, patios, fountains, or rooms of the Palace… Another thing you should enjoy is to ask room service to deliver you an intimate dinner to your warm suite and have a toast with champagne or cava to celebrate that special moment.


  1. Anger: Have you ever had that feeling of impotence when the destination or the hotel has not met up to your expectations? Wrath and violence will not solve anything. We will make you forget those bad moments, because we try to transmit positivity, happiness, humor… like genuine sevillanos, and we take pride on our jobs and humbly serve to always satisfy our visitors in the best way possible.


  1. Lust: Falling in the hands of Cupid is only for those ´18 years and older´. A long time ago, during my time, under these circumstances two rhombus squares appeared on the television screen and I was sent to bed. Oops! I just gave you a clue! Saint Valentine please forgive me! Since our blog is on the internet at the reach of children, we beg you forgive us and let yourself imagine the activities of this paragraph.


  1. Envy: You have fallen in love with Sevilla and the glamour of the Villapanés Palace Hotel. We know it. We, share it! Just by seeing the facial expression of amazement and jealousy that you will get from your friends, coworkers, relatives and neighbors, you´ll know it was worth going.


  1. Sloth: Maybe you are too tired from walking around a city that is surprising on every corner and for sure you’ll still have a lot to see and do in Sevilla, a lot. You didn’t feel like stepping out of the hotel, right? You got lazy? Thinking about the terrace, the spa, the huge and comfortable bed in your room, in drinking some good wine while contemplating the rooftops and towers of Sevilla…

Well, virtue is on the midpoint, so stay for a rest and ‘squeeze out’ our installations. And talking about laziness, are you still lazy about making this trip? Reserve with the Villapanés Palace Hotel in Sevilla and have an experience that not even Dante Aligheri himself nor Saint Thomas Aquinas, the greatest and most famous scholars of human vice, could imagine with such sources of pleasure.

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