Another great day at the office

Another great day at the office

Last Monday we had an incredible day in CoolRooms headquarters in Madrid. We started writing the history of our spectacular hotel in Atocha with a very unique selection process to choose our future chef and maître.

Elena, our Head of People and Daniel, our Gastronomic Advisor, had such a great idea! The candidates should come to our office to prepare a “pincho” and sell it to our jury. The goal of this exercise was to watch how the candidates work together in a real situation, what roles do they acquire, how creative they are and most importantly, to see if they have the CoolRooms DNA required to work in our company.

Each of the members of the jury we were asked to pick an ingredient that we considered special, in other words, an ingredient that meant something to us. With this premise, the poor candidates found themselves with the following variety of ingredients to prepare their “pincho”: avocado, shrimps, paprika, cumin, brie cheese, cheese from mahon, onions, bread, olive oil, milk and capers.

Bar de pinchos Madrid Coolrooms


We told all the candidates that this “test” was not a competition, on the contrary, we wanted to see them working together as a team and seeing how they can help the other candidates to improve themselves. We can guarantee that the level was really high, they very much exceeded our expectations, take a look at the “pinchos” they prepared for us:

Once the candidates finished preparing their dishes the jury gave them some feedback regarding how they worked together and especially praised the results and their great attitude.  After this, our amazing Chef Joseba Guijarro prepared his own two “pinchos” to better illustrate our culinary concept where creativity is a must.

It was amazing seeing how a genius works and discovering the path of mind he followed for his creations. We were shocked with his originality, he even used a broken plate to present one of his “pinchos”! Above all what we most liked was what he said to the candidates, he presented himself as a mentor, somebody that is going to guide his team and teach them all that he knows. Check out what he prepared:


Working in a company where we can have these experiences is absolutely AMAZING!! Stay tuned cause new positions are coming soon. Do you have what it takes to become a CoolRoomer?

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