Reto48 experience

Since €66,55

Número de personas

Offer available up to 5 people.

Qué incluye

Includes personal trainer for 1 hour in the hotel or in Reto48 installations.

What will you do?

Personalized sport trainings with a professional trainer that will adapt to your level and needs in the hotel or in Reto48 installations. You could make HIIT, yoga, pilates, strength with kettlebells, miniVands tonification or running trainings in El Retiro.

Recommendations: Ask for a yoga training in the rooftop of the CoolSuite 43 at sunset hour.


€66,55 one hour of personal training.

Prices with VAT included.


Book at least 48 hours in advance.


We will indicate your contact to the official Harley-Davidson store to organize your experience.
Driver over 25 years with more than 2 years of license experience.

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